Leaflet Info

This brochure says some commonly generalized information about Differin Gel. Read this leaflet carefully before applying the Differin Gel. It does not include all the data available on this medicine. Customers have nowhere to talk to rather than doctors or pharmacists for correct advice.

All medications have risks and benefits. The doctor has balanced the risk of using Differin Gel, 0.1% topical gel against the supposed to benefit customers. If some are concerned about the use of this medicine, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Keep this leaflet while using the Differin Gel for the product. Individuals may want to read it again next. Before using Differin Gel, tell the doctor if you are allergic to any of the constituents listed in the Ingredients segment.

The Differin topical gel should not be used by women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant during treatment. A Differin topical gel is used to treat acne on the face, chest, or back. The product acts toward the abnormal skin processes connected with acne treatment.

Don’t be frightened if Differin Gel causes some redness, burning, or peeling at the start of the acne treatment. These consequences are more customary during the first month of treatment and should decrease with maintained usage of the gel.

In case of severe response, immediately stop using the Differin Gel, and consult relevant doctor and physician. Differin Gel comprises of a powerful acne-fighting retinoid Rx. Eliminates breakouts where they start and just inside the pores, prevents acne before it starts, thus healing skin texture and tone in a better way.

The gel cleanses and prevents acne with a prescription-strength retinoid. Fight the reasons for acne by managing skin cell turnover and conquering deep skin inflammation to cleanse and prevent the blackheads and clogged pores.

Differin Gel can decrease acne by up to 87% in just twelve weeks. Effectively treat acne to return to the natural tone and texture of the skin may seem easy after a few months of usage. The retinoid in Differin cures popular acne and blocks new acne from developing.

Adults and children over twelve years old stays once a day, or gently cleanse the skin, and dry lightly before applying the gel formed product, cover the entire studied area with a thin film of the product.

  • Active Ingredients in the Differin Gel, Adapalene – 0.1% retinoid, see consumer data for the acne treatment.
  • Inactive Ingredients in the gel, Carbomer 940, Edetate Disodium, Methyl Paraben, Poloxamer 182, Propylene Glycol, Water,
  • May contain Hydrochloric Acid to adjust the pH levels along with the Sodium Hydroxide