Differin Gel is a reliable gel used directly for the treatment of Acne in most of the relevant cases. However, individuals can check out the relevant questions and queries of the users and customers in this particular segment.

What is the use of Differin Gel?

Differin Gel is a topical retinoid that is utilized to treat acne in people above twelve years of age and older. However, use it only once a day.

Further information using Differin Gel?

If a woman is pregnant or nursing, consult a physician prior to the usage. Other retinoids have been shown to cause birth defects. There is no definite evidence that Differin Gel 0.1% causes birth defects in individuals when applied topically as informed.

Do not use the Differin Gel if some are allergic to adapalene or any of the constituents in this gel product. The children must be kept away from the product as well as its usage. In case of ingestion, seek therapeutic attention quickly or contact a control center.

How often should the Differin Gel be used?

Use this product only once a day and try to use the gel at the same time every day at night before sleep.

How to use the product?

Gently clean swayed areas with a mild non-irritating detergent and pat completely dry. Apply Differin Gel in a thin layer to the stirred areas of the skin once a day only. For instance, if individuals have acne on the face, wash it, pat it dry, and apply the gel all over the face.

How long does Differin Gel take to work?

Daily use can take up to three months. Do not use the gel more than once a day. Applying more than approved will not produce more satisfying or faster results, but it may cause skin irritation and the worse scenario may be seen in those cases.

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