Differin Gel is approved by the physicians and also the FDA for the treatment of mild to moderate acne, where comedones, papules, and pustules predominate at the skin. Acne on the face, chest, or back is suitable for treatment with the gel.

Differin Gel should be applied to acne-affected areas once a day before retirement and after the washing. Generally, a thin layer of gel should be applied with the fingertips, bypassing the eyes and lips. Special warnings and precautions for the usage of gel must be kept into consideration by the customers.

All the customers must make sure that the affected areas are dry before the application of the gel. As is prevalent with alternative acne therapies, it is prescribed that the doctor evaluate the patient’s continued growth after three months of treatment with the Differin Gel.

In patients who need to degrade the frequency of use or briefly interrupt the treatment, the rate of usage can be restored or operation resumed as soon as it is ascertained that the patient can tolerate the treatment again. When inmates use cosmetics, individuals do not need to be comedogenic or astringent.

Compositions In Differin Gel

  • Adapalene 0.1% by weight.
  • 1 g of gel contains 1 mg of adapalene.


  • Propylene Glycol (E1520)
  • Methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218)

The full list of excipients can be located in the section. Differin Gel should not be taken orally and users should apply it to the skin. If the drug is overused, the effects will not be faster or better, and there may be noticeable redness, peeling, or trouble.

The acute oral dose of Differin Gel needed to produce the toxic effects in mice is greater than 10 g / kg. Except for the amount inadvertently swallowed is small, a suitable method of gastric emptying should be reconsidered during the usage of the gel.